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Where I Stand On The Issues

Support First Amendment Rights
Support Second Amendment Rights
Support Capitalism
Support Legal Immigration
Support Rights of the Unborn
Oppose Mandated Health Insurance
Oppose Government Expansion
Oppose Unnecessary Taxation
Oppose Government Bailouts
Oppose Cuts to Medicare

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Delus Johnson on the Issues

I Support First Amendment Rights

Freedom of Speech has been an important part of our Nation's history for over 225 years. In the past few years political correctness has overtaken our First Amendment Rights. I will fight passionately to oppose any legislation that attempts to impede your Freedom of Speech, including any attempts to control Missouri media by reintroducing the Fairness Doctrine. I believe political correctness must end and Freedom of Speech must prevail.

I Support Second Amendment Rights

I believe in every American's right to protect their self, their homes, & their families and I further believe that every law abiding Missourian should have the right to carry a concealed weapon. I will ardently oppose any type of gun control legislation including gun purchase waiting requirements, frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers, mandatory firearms training, taxation of firearms ammunition, or any Obama Gun Control. I believe firearms ownership is the best deterrent to crime.

I Support Capitalism

Our Founding Fathers were entrepreneurs that owned farms, newspapers, distilleries, fisheries, and many other types of businesses. They founded our Nation based on capitalist principles. Business owners have been demonized in the last few years because of the fallout from Wall Street but private enterprise still creates almost every job in the country. I believe if an entrepreneur takes the risk of starting a business, he or she should reap the rewards when that business is successful. I strongly believe in capitalism.

I Am Pro Life

I am a pro life candidate. When my wife and I heard our unborn daughter's heartbeat during her first sonogram it reiterated my belief that life begins at conception. I believe in protecting the rights of the unborn.

I Oppose Government Expansion

The expansion of government during bad economic times offers no permanent solutions, raises taxes, reduces sales tax revenue, and burdens our children with enormous debt. Allowing private enterprise to develop without government intervention will allow our economy to grow naturally and pull us out of this normal economic cycle. I believe the expansion of government  is a hindrance to economic growth.

I Oppose Unnecessary Taxation

I have no problem paying my fair share of taxes but I am adamantly opposed to any type of unnecessary taxes such as the Missouri Franchise Tax. We must embrace and reward every business that creates jobs in Missouri instead of punishing them with unwarranted taxation. I believe in fair taxes and oppose unjustifiable taxation.

I Oppose Government Bailouts of Any Failed Business

I am against any type of corporate welfare. My two first business ventures were complete disasters and I suffered extensive financial losses both times. I learned many valuable lessons from the mistakes I made during my business failures that allowed me to make better business decisions later. I believe a business that fails should never be saved by taxpayers.

I Oppose Any Type of Government Required Health Insurance

I oppose any law that requires Missouri residents to carry health insurance. I have faith the legislation I introduce will attract new insurance companies and health care providers to Missouri fostering a competitive business environment that could lead to a reduction in Missouri insurance premiums. I believe business competition is always good for the consumer.

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