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Where I Stand On The Issues

Support First Amendment Rights
Support Second Amendment Rights
Support Capitalism
Support Legal Immigration
Support Rights of the Unborn
Oppose Mandated Health Insurance
Oppose Government Expansion
Oppose Unnecessary Taxation
Oppose Government Bailouts
Oppose Cuts to Medicare

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My Goals in Jefferson City

Establish Leadership Role In 2011 Legislative Session

Leadership opportunities will abound during the January 2011 legislative session. Because of term limits, at least 52 of the Missouri House of Representative's 163 seats will be held by brand new State Representatives serving on House floor for the first time. These new legislators will be open to fresh, new ideas presented by new, visionary leaders. My training company educates Missouri business owners on the importance of leadership and as a Captain on the St. Joseph Fire Department my leadership skills are tested on every call. I will aggressively pursue every leadership opportunity that will benefit Northwest Missouri including chairs on the Agricultural Policy, Job Creation, Small Business, Tax Reform, and Homeland Security Committees. I believe my proven leadership experience will be an enormous asset to District 28 in the next legislative session.

Strong Andrew & Buchanan County Representation

I think an optimistic vision, new ideas, and proven leadership skills are imperative for District 28's next State Representative. My vision for Missouri includes the creation of thousands of new Missouri jobs and I believe we can lead other legislators to pass sensible legislation to accomplish this goal. The ability to grasp the leadership roles that will become available in 2011 and encourage the State Legislature to visualize Missouri's success will lead to stronger District 28 representation.

Create Jobs in Northwest Missouri

I believe we have an incredible opportunity to create jobs in Andrew and Buchanan Counties. I own two businesses in Andrew County, work for the City of St. Joseph, and know the importance of giving businesses the financial incentives to create new jobs. I will attract new jobs to District 28 by lowering business startup costs, include Andrew County in Missouri's Enhanced Enterprise Zones, assist area businesses with Action Fund Loan applications, and seek a chair on the Job Creation & Economic Development Committee in Jefferson City to support Northwest Missouri job creation. As a lifelong St. Joseph/Andrew county area resident, I will work very hard in the Missouri House of Representatives to provide District 28 with new employment opportunities.

Modernize Communication With District 28 Constituents

Open communication with the residents of Andrew and Buchanan counties will be my top priority. When I am in Jefferson City I can meet you instantaneously in an easy to use internet meeting called a webinar. If you do not have internet access, I will gladly meet with you in Andrew County, Buchanan County, or Jefferson City at any time. I am building an email database of District 28 residents so I can keep you informed of recent legislative developments and will also post any new information on I look forward to continuously interacting with you via my blog and I will continue to provide daily updates on my Twitter page. I feel the most important part of representing Andrew and Buchanan counties will be establishing new lines of modern communication.

Representation of Northwest Missouri Farmers

My family has farmed the same ground in Northwest Missouri continuously for over 100 years. I will take action to remove the sales tax requirement for farmers at farmers markets, help Missouri farmers connect with international produce buyers, and reform the Family Farm Tax Credit to make it easier to obtain agricultural lending.  Agriculture is Missouri's largest industry and any agricultural legislation is greatly influenced by our State Legislature's Agricultural Policy Committee. The membership of the Missouri Agriculture Policy Committee does not include one single State Representative from Northwest Missouri and I believe this is unacceptable. I will seek a chair on this important committee to offer proper representation for Northwest Missouri farmers.

Balanced State Budget

Allowing Missouri to operate with a budget deficit is against State law. Missouri statutes require a balanced budget and if we don't take drastic measures we will face an $1,800,000,000 budget shortfall by 2012. Balancing Missouri's budget will require a forward thinking State Legislature that must consider bold, new ideas to slash State spending, intensify business development, and increase sales tax revenue. My plan to reform the Corporation Income Tax, eliminate the Missouri Franchise Tax, lower State labor expenses, cut business startup costs, and attract new businesses to Missouri will generate record sales tax revenues which could lead to a balanced budget by 2014. I realize balancing our State budget will be an uphill battle that could take several years, but sensible legislation enacted now will lead to a balanced state budget in the future.

Northwest Missouri Economic Development

I am business owner and I want every entrepreneur in the country to know about Northwest Missouri's incredible business opportunities. I want them to know about St. Joseph's new business parks, show them our river port, inform them of the tax advantages of opening a business Andrew county, and introduce them to District 28's highly educated workforce. Even though St. Joseph's business parks and river port are not in District 28 I will do whatever it takes to bring new economic development to Northwest Missouri. If we build Missouri into our Nation's best state for business, Northwest Missouri will reap the rewards.

Increase Broadband Access in Rural Andrew and Buchanan Counties

My broadband internet access in rural Andrew county can be slow, unreliable, and sometimes is non-existent. I don't blame my internet service provider for these problems, they have incredible customer service but lack the financial resources to install additional broadband transmitters throughout the county. If my internet service provider had the economic incentives to locate more broadband equipment in Andrew county, my spotty internet reception problem could be solved. My plan to provide a tax credit to internet providers equal to 75% of the purchase price of new broadband equipment and low interest loans to any company that can provide increased telecommunications infrastructure should increase the quality & reliability of rural internet access.

A Voice In Redistricting

Your next Missouri State Representative will be Northwest Missouri's voice in redistricting. It is very important to send a State Representative to Jefferson City with proven leadership skills to assure proper representation in this very important bargaining process. When the new lines are redrawn during the next legislative session I will work very hard to represent you.

Promote Christopher "Kit" Bond Science & Technology Incubator

The new Christopher "Kit" Bond Science & Technology Incubator in St. Joseph is designed to provide assistance to companies with start up and expansion plans in Northwest Missouri. It is imperative that we make every effort to educate companies on the importance of starting or relocating to Northwest Missouri and I believe promotion of the Kit Bond Science & Technology Incubator will lead numerous businesses to the St. Joseph area. I will attempt to increase the awareness of the Christopher Bond Science & Technology Incubator.

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