Meet Delus Johnson

Lifelong St. Joseph/Andrew County Area Resident

My wife Tara, our 4 year old niece Taylee, and 2 year old daughter Julia live in Andrew County. I grew up in South St. Joseph and my wife was born & raised in the North End. My family has farmed the same ground in Northwest Missouri continuously for over 100 years and my Mom worked in the St. Joseph/Savannah Farmer State banking system for over 55 years. Our roots are here in Northwest Missouri.

Captain-St. Joseph Fire Department 

As a Captain on the St. Joseph Fire Department I did not take a sick day in my last 9 years on the job. I am very proud of my attendance record on the Fire Department and as your State Representative I will be present on the House Floor for every single vote. I have received the Fire Chief's Life Saving Award, I've been recognized for my perfect attendance, I loved my job with a passion, and the only reason I left was to serve in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Business Owner

I strongly believe in Capitalism. I have owned several businesses and I believe if a person takes the financial risk to start a business then he or she should reap the rewards when that business is successful. In the last 5 years I have trained over 3,500 small Missouri business owners.

Emergency Medical Technician-Andrew County Ambulance/Heartland Health

I loved "working the streets" of Andrew and Buchanan County as an Emergency Medical Technician. It was during my time as an Andrew County Ambulance employee that I had the opportunity to explore every back road of God's Country, (Andrew County). It also gave me the opportunity to meet many, many Northwest Missouri Seniors and helped me realize the importance of Medicare. I will fight any cuts to Medicare especially when those cuts are used to fund Federal mandated health insurance costs.

District 9 State Representative

I have served in the Missouri House of Representatives since January of 2011. 

If I can do anything for you or anyone in your family please call me at 816-390-2267. Thank you very much,

Delus Johnson

Delus Johnson Family
Delus Johnson

Delus Johnson State Representative 

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