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Where I Stand On The Issues

Support First Amendment Rights
Support Second Amendment Rights
Support Capitalism
Support Legal Immigration
Support Rights of the Unborn
Oppose Mandated Health Insurance
Oppose Government Expansion
Oppose Unnecessary Taxation
Oppose Government Bailouts
Oppose Cuts to Medicare

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Missouri House of Representatives Committees I Will Seek

A committee is a panel of State Legislators that decide whether or not an introduced bill can be sent to the floor for a vote. As your Missouri State Representative I will seek appointment to the following committees:

Job Creation & Economic Development

My vision for Missouri includes the creation of thousands of new Missouri jobs. My appointment to the Job Creation & Economic Development Committee will allow my job creation legislation to quickly pass through this committee so it can reach the House and Senate Floors for a vote. At least two chairs on the Job Creation & Economic Development Committee will become available in January of 2011 and I will aggressively seek appointment to this committee to help drive Missouri's economic recovery.

Small Business

In the last three years I have trained over one thousand seven hundred small Missouri business owners and I am aware of the hard work it takes to run a small Missouri business successfully. By serving on the Small Business Committee, I can quickly advance any legislation that will benefit small Missouri businesses and help create new Missouri jobs. I truly believe we can build Missouri into the small business Capitol of the United States and I will pursue the leadership opportunities that should become available on the Small Business Committee in 2011.

Tax Reform Committee

To create new Missouri jobs we must abolish the unnecessary Missouri Franchise Tax and reform the Corporation Income Tax. The Tax Reform Committee reviews bills that are introduced to revise the Missouri State Tax Code. As a member or the Missouri House of Representative's Tax Reform Committee, we can reform Missouri's Tax Code to make Missouri much more attractive to out of state businesses and give Missouri companies an incentive to stay in the Show Me State. At least three chairs of the Tax Reform Committee will become available in January of 2011.

Agriculture Policy

My family has farmed the same ground in Northwest Missouri continuously for over 100 years. I know how important the Agriculture Policy Committee is to Missouri farmers and the current Agriculture Policy Committee membership does not include one single State Representative from Northwest Missouri. It is very important for District 28 to have representation on the Agriculture Policy Committee to act as a voice for Andrew and Buchanan County farmers. My appointment to the Agriculture Policy Committee will provide Northwest Missouri farmers a right to be heard and will help strengthen Missouri's largest industry, Agriculture.

Homeland Security

As a Captain on the St. Joseph Fire Department I realize the importance for Missouri to be prepared for disasters and emergencies. The Homeland Security Committee oversees the safety & security for Missouri while developing mutual safety policies between other states and the Federal Government. I believe my experience in public safety will be an asset to the Homeland Security Committee, which will also allow me to participate in the vital preparation for Missouri's next earthquake.

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