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Support First Amendment Rights
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Support Capitalism
Support Legal Immigration
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Oppose Mandated Health Insurance
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Missouri Business Advertising Campaign

Businesses are fleeing high tax states by the thousands. Businesses in high tax states such as California, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois are leaving in droves to find states with a low tax business friendly environment. They are relocating to states like Virginia.

Virginia has consistently ranked at the top or near the top of every 2009 poll that ranks the best states for business. In 2009, ranked Virginia the number one best state for business for the fourth year in a row. Missouri ranked 29. Virginia ranks number one on the 2009 poll of best states for business. Missouri ranked 14. The Directorship Boardroom ranks Virginia number 2, Missouri 21. US News and World Report ranks Virginia the number 2 best state for business. Missouri didn't make that poll. I want to change that.

The Virginia General Assembly has made it very easy to open a business in Virginia and kept business taxes fairly low. Virginia also has an incredible business development website,, that is very business friendly and completely up to date by today's search engine standards. But the main reason Virginia is attracting new businesses is because of their very effective use of search engine marketing. Virginia is effectively utilizing search engines to market their State to business owners all over the world. Missouri must create a search engine advertising campaign similar to Virginia's but I want Missouri's new internet business marketing plan to be much more aggressive.

To build Missouri into the "Best State for Business" I will introduce legislation allowing private companies to take over Missouri's economic development websites that will save the Missouri Department of Economic Development substantial labor and website maintenance costs. The legislation will allow the Missouri Department of Economic Development to divert the money saved into a hard-hitting marketing campaign to deliver Missouri's business message, not only throughout the United States, but all over the world.

After we enact the changes to Missouri's business regulations, we must promote Missouri's new business friendly environment to the entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs that are researching the internet for business expansion. We must begin an aggressive targeted marketing campaign to inform companies that Missouri has a low tax business friendly atmosphere, Missouri has some of our Nations lowest business startup costs, and Missouri will welcome any new business with open arms.

To deliver Missouri's business message in the most cost efficient manor we must use search engine advertising. Search engine advertising is the process of placing advertising on Google, Bing, and Yahoo that is geared specifically to the person that types in certain keywords. We can aim our message directly at business owners searching for the best state for business by using a tool that is readily available on the internet called a "Keyword Research Tool". With the correct keywords we can deliver Missouri's business message cost effectively to business owners, CEO's, and entrepreneurs all over the world.

For example, if you use Google's keyword research tool and type in "small business state" you will learn that over 18,000 people searched for a small business state in the last 30 days. If you further target your keyword research with more specific search phrases such as "best business state" you will find that 2,400 searches were conducted on Google in one month by persons searching for the best business state. More keyword research shows the following monthly searches on Google: "top business state" 590 searches, "best state to start a business" 320 searches, "best state for small business" 58 searches.

Any marketing professional will tell you that the more targeted your marketing, the more effective the results. By accurately researching the keywords that are being used by anyone wanting to start or expand a business, we can purchase precise, targeted advertising on the major search engines. When a business owner searches for the "best state for business", Missouri's business friendly message will be delivered very effectively.

We must also aim Missouri's business message at international companies that are poised for growth and expansion. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are great for targeted advertising to US companies and some overseas companies. But in order to market Missouri to companies all over the world we must also utilize international search engines such as Yandex, Baidu, and Attaka-Nav. International search engines will attract business owners to Missouri that never use American search engines. Asia's largest search engine Baidu, for example, targets advertising to the Asian market, receives much more traffic than Google, and is used by many Asian business owners that have never heard of Google. We can use Yandex, Russia's largest search engine, to entice Russian business owners to Missouri. We can also advertise on Japans largest search engine, Attaka-Nav, to deliver our message to Japanese clients conducting research on expansion into the United States. We can easily translate our message into any language to reach business owners all over the world that are searching for the best state in the US to open a business. If we target our marketing efforts using international search engines such as Yandex, Baidu, and Attaka-Nav, we will reach business owners that may not have found by advertising only on American search engines. Targeting Missouri's "Open for Business" message to foreign companies could generate thousands of new Missouri jobs.

I also believe we should expand our advertising in business start up magazines such as INC, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur. Virginia, Michigan, and South Carolina all have full page advertisements in these magazines promoting the benefits of opening a business in their state. Missouri does not. Advertising Missouri's business message in business startup magazines will reach the companies that are expanding or relocating along with the entrepreneurs that are searching for the best state in the country to start a business.

We must aggressively market Missouri's business friendly environment to the entrepreneurs, CEO's, and business owners that searching for the best state for business. I want these companies to bring their businesses to Missouri. I want these business owners to know Missouri will welcome them with open arms. I want entrepreneurs to know Missouri is the best state for business.

Building Missouri into our Nation's best state for business will create new Missouri jobs.

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