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Support First Amendment Rights
Support Second Amendment Rights
Support Capitalism
Support Legal Immigration
Support Rights of the Unborn
Oppose Mandated Health Insurance
Oppose Government Expansion
Oppose Unnecessary Taxation
Oppose Government Bailouts
Oppose Cuts to Medicare

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Business Creates Jobs. Together We Can Build Missouri Into Our Nation's Best State for Business

My vision for Missouri includes the creation of thousands of new Missouri jobs. Building Missouri into our Nation's top state for business will create new jobs, balance the state budget, provide record sales tax revenues, and drive Missouri's economic recovery. By enacting realistic legislation now, we will keep Missouri businesses in the Show Me State, attract new businesses from all over the country, and become the state of choice for international companies relocating to the United States. The legislation I introduce will create new Missouri jobs!

Thousands of businesses are fleeing states like California, New York, and Illinois because increased government control & taxation have eliminated profits. With practical legislation I believe we can attract the majority of these businesses to Missouri while keeping Missouri based companies in our State. As your Missouri State Representative, I will sponsor bills that will reduce government control of businesses by simplifying Missouri's corporations process, lowering business startup costs, and eliminating unnecessary business taxes. I will also enact legislation that will optimize Missouri's economic development websites for search engines, increase sales tax revenue, and create an aggressive, targeted internet marketing campaign to deliver Missouri's new business message to companies all over the world. Click here to learn more details of how we can build Missouri into our Nation's best state for business.

I believe that sensible legislation and visionary leadership will build Missouri into our Nation's best business state. If you share my optimistic vision for the future of Missouri please view the legislation I will introduce, learn how we can create Missouri jobs, or make your contribution by clicking here.

Thank you very much, I would truly value your support.

Delus Johnson


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