Delus Johnson for State Senator

Delus Johnson Family Photo

Lifelong Northern Missouri Area Resident

I am a Northern Missourian. My wife Tara, our daughters Taylee and Julia live in Andrew County. My family has farmed the same ground in Northern Missouri continuously for over 100 years. Our roots are here in Northern Missouri.

Captain Delus Johnson St. Joseph Fire Department

Captain-St. Joseph Fire Department

I am a Firefighter. I spent 20 years on a firetruck and retired as a decorated Captain working on one of the busiest fire trucks in the United States. As a Captain on the St. Joseph Fire Department I did not take a sick day in my last 9 years on the job and I am very proud of my attendance record. I was decorated with the Fire Chief's Life Saving Award and I've been recognized for my perfect attendance. I loved my job with a passion and the only reason I left was to serve in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Delus Johnson training many Missouri business owners

Business Owner

I am a Business Owner. I am not only a business owner but I own a business that trains entrepreneurs to start their own business. I have helped entrepreneurs start over 12,000 new businesses in Missouri, with many of those businesses right here in Northwest Missouri. Many Missouri Lawmakers have voted to increase costs and create new restrictions on small businesses in Missouri. I strongly oppose any restrictions that impede business growth. Our Nation was founded on capitalist principals and I will always stand up for small business owners.

Delus Johnson Lifetime Member National Rifle Association

Gun Enthusiast

I am a Lifetime Member of the National Rifle Association. I was honored with an A ranking by the NRA in the Missouri House of Representatives. I grew up hunting in Northwest Missouri and have always had an affinity for firearms. I believe firearms ownership is the best deterrent to crime and I will filibuster any bill that impedes your Second Amendment Freedoms.

Delus Johnson is Endorsed by Missouri Right to Life

Pro Life

I am a Pro Life and believe life begins at conception. I am the only candidate for State Senate in Northwest Missouri that is endorsed by Missouri Right to Life. I voted to protect life for eight years in the Missouri House of Representatives and will continue to protect life in the Missouri Senate.

Delus Johnson is demolishing a Democrat lawmaker from Kansas City that does not share our Conservative values

Ranked Missouri's Number 1 Conservative Lawmaker

I am a Conservative. I served Northwest Missouri for eight years in the Missouri House of Representatives. I received mulitple ACU Conservative Awards for my unblemished eight-year conservative voting record. I was recognized by the American Conservative Union as Missouri's most Conservative Lawmaker. Above I am fighting on the House Floor with a Kansas City Democrat that does not share our Conservative Values. I will never stop that fight!

American Conservative Union Missouri Lawmaker Rankings

Delus Johnson is ranked as one of the most conservative lawmakers.


Recognized as Most Conservative Lawmaker in Missouri

I was recognized as the most conservative lawmaker in Missouri by the American Conservative Union. I voted conservatively in the House of Represenatatives and will continue to do so in the Missouri Senate. You can also see that my lifetime American Conservative Ranking is higher than anyone else running for District 12 State Senate.

First Responder Delus Johnson

First Responder-Emergency Medical Technician

I am First Responder. As a First Responder I loved "working the streets" of Northwest Missouri as an Emergency Medical Technician. It also gave me the opportunity to meet many, many Northwest Missouri Seniors and realize the importance of never raising taxes. Many Republican Lawmakers have voted to raise taxes. As a Conservative State Senator I will filibuster any and all tax increases.

Delus Johnson served as Chairman of House Ag Committee 

Agriculture Advocate

I have and will continue to support Missouri's largest industry, Agriculture. My family has farmed the same ground in Northwest Missouri continuously for over 100 years. After serving only one term on the House Agriculture Committee I was chosen by the Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives to serve as Chairman of an Agriculture Committee. As State Representative my fight for farmers never stopped. I wrote and passed a law that eliminated a burdensome agriculture sales tax. I will always stand for farmers as Agriculture is the backbone of Missouri's economy.

Delus Johnson for State Senate

Candidate for State Senate

I am running for State Senator. I have the leadership experience and the passion to serve you, and I will act as your true, conservative voice in the Missouri Senate.



Delus Johnson for State Senator

Delus Johnson